Just like any other system, every good stage needs to be integrated. The scene is an organism and each part of it must interact flawlessly with another one for its correct operation. Stage’s machinery must lift and lower the curtain right in time. Lighting devices must interact according to change of decorations on the stage, music and speech as well. Electro-acoustic equipment must accompany the event with sound effects. On top of that, all the process must be clearly recorded by high-definition cameras. That is why, if handled properly laying foundation for reconstruction or construction of the stage, is necessary at the stage of the future project, that will not only function after the implementation of this project, but also will be ready for constant updates in the future. YugProjektInstallation Company has sufficient experience and resources for the complex solution for a specific customer, which begins with the formation of a technical task, the creation of a concept, the development of a project, the installation and commissioning of equipment, the servicing of projects and the development customers’ stage infrastructure in the future. It’s not just a sale of a product, but constant support and cooperation with customers. Employees of the company are qualified specialists, who are related to various areas of the technical stage industry, have the ability not only to orient themselves within latest technologies, but also to implement them for specific economic and technical tasks. Being engaged in constant domestic investments, YugProjektInstallation pays great attention to training and improving its specialists’ skills. The department of projects and installations has to do with developing and implementation of complex solutions for various purposes. Today it is not enough to be a professional in one narrow area. Modern trends set the tone for the necessity of simultaneous and collaborative work of many heterogeneous subsystems such as audio, video, lighting equipment, wired and wireless control and monitoring. For example, just an audio section itself includes the following subsystems: sound reinforcement for concert events, distributed sound amplification system for conducting speech programs, conference system, synchronous interpretation, service communication system, lobby broadcast system, broadcast in working premises. Taking into account the variety of connections and eliminating the problems, which may emerge during the setup and start-up phase of the equipment, is possible only by concentrating the development of the entire complex in a single pair of hands. Active interaction with the sales and logistics departments of the company allows the project department to build an effective assortment policy and, as a result, offer to a customer optimal technical and price conditions. In a working process, we actively cooperate with related organizations: architectural bureaus, construction companies, designers. Detailed development of the projects allows our company to apply the latest technological developments in following sections: “stage mechanical equipment”, “stage lighting”, “electroacoustic equipment”, “multimedia equipment”, “technological television and communication equipment”, “stage materials and technologies”. The documentation issued by the project department meets all the necessary standards. The company has licenses for the design and construction of buildings and structures of I and II levels of responsibility.